Ballasts (Fluorescent)

Below are a selection of Fluorescent Ballasts supplied by McCroft Lighting

Fluorescent BallastsElectronic T5 & T8

  • All wattages.
  • To run 1x, 2x, 3x, & 4x Lamps.
  • Multi Electronic Ballasts that run multi-wattages from one Ballast.

BallastsCompact Fluorescent Electronic

  • Single, Double & Triple Lamps
  • All Wattages.
  • To run 1x & 2x Lamps.

Ballast Control GearChokes

  • For Switch Start Fittings
  • T5, T8, & T12
  • All Wattages.

Ballast Fittings2D Electronic

  • 16w, 28w, 38w & 55w.

Ballasts FluorescentElectronic L Lamps

  • 18w, 24w, 34w, 36w,
  • 40w, 55w & 80w.
  • To run 1x & 2x Lamps.

Ballasts EmergencyT5, T8, Compact

    • Fluorescent & 2D,[/one_half_last]

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