LED Drivers & Transformers

McCroft Lighting have a wide range of LED Drivers and Transformers available all of which are reliable, guaranteed and easy to install. Our Transformers range come with their own complete power flow, which is electronically controlled to help preserve the life of the lamp.

These Transformers are dimmable with both leading and trailing edge dimmers, short circuit and overload protection, thermal cut out and auto reset in a lightweight compact design.

Below are a small selection of LED Drivers and Transformers that McCroft Lighting have available.


LED Drivers
LED Drivers

  • For LED lamps and LED tape.
  • 12v & 24v
  • 10w-120w
  • Constant current & constant voltage.

Electronic Transformers

  • 12v Loop in Loop out and Pre-wired.
  • 60va
  • 105va
  • 150va
  • 200va
  • IP68 Waterproof Transformers


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